The Benefits of Virtual Offices for Telecommuters

Although the stock market is on the mend after the Great Recession of the early 2000’s, many citizens are still struggling to find lucrative work. The wealth gap in America is at its highest level in history. Median wealth for high-income families was up 7%, while middle-class families have not seen a rise in wealth since 2010.

In particular, individuals over the age of 50 face many obstacles when attempting to re-enter the workforce. People in this demographic are too young to retire, but may be politely told they are “overqualified” when seeking employment. While this may be a nice sounding euphemism for being too old, age discrimination is extremely difficult to prove unless presented in its most blatant form.

Virtual offices and the redefined workforce

Clearly, our society needs to redefine what is valued in our workforce. Telecommuting and the realm of virtual office work is quickly becoming a viable, desirable way of earning a living. A virtual office service provides business and administrative support, helping telecommuters maintain a global presence in the marketplace. This allows workers over 50 to offer their skills and services without having to fear potential discrimination by prospective employers. Telecommuting frees workers to excel within their chosen fields, letting their quality of work speak for itself.

Everything that a virtual office has to offer you

While it’s true that working from home is a solution for many professionals on the rebound, some people need to step out of the house and away from the distractions in order to achieve optimum efficiency. Virtual office solutions once again provide support in this aspect, by supplying all of your basic office necessities and some perks like a furnished office, receptionist, conference room, all necessary utilities, and a business address with the famous 90210 zip code. Virtual offices project an image of professionalism and prestige, further adding to the efficient ethos telecommuters crave.

If you’ve been unemployed for some time and are anxious to get back in the professional game, telecommuting via virtual office solutions may be the opportunity for you! Reduce your bottom line while projecting your professional image to the world.

Imagine Your Office In Beverly Hills

If you have ever wanted an office in prestigious Beverly Hills, then a quality virtual office package from Apollo Business Centers is as real as it gets. You probably have an idea of your ideal office in Beverly Hills, and have a list of all the amenities you would like your office to have. With this virtual office, a live receptionist professionally answers all calls made to your company, along with call forwarding to your location. Now no calls will be unanswered. When there are times when you need to meet your clients in person, you are provided with a fully equipped, private board room for any kind of meeting you desire.

Elegance and excellence are never a question when you use our private space, allowing you to appear more respectable to clients. While you are away, your company’s voice mails will be confidently secured.

All of this is possible at a very low cost compared to on site offices. Have you always wanted a 1-800 number for your business? Now you can have one. Impress your clients by making use of these professional services and boost your business opportunities while making costs low. Don’t let this wonderful opportunity for your company pass. With a Beverly Hills virtual office, you have a chance to make your company the best it can be. Better yet, you don’t even have to be here!

Your Business at its Classiest with a Beverly Hills Virtual Office

First impressions last. A good first impression is one of the most important ways to attract and keep clients. Imagine your business address attached to Beverly Hills. Wouldn’t that sound prestigious and classy? Wouldn’t that make a great first impression? You might never attain a regular office in Beverly Hills due to high costs, but now you don’t ever have to worry. There is a much better and inexpensive solution now being offered to you.

Obviously, having a Beverly Hills virtual office will boost your image and business power. You may not realize it, but for as little as $75, you can purchase a virtual office package and present your company with the elegance that you never thought you could. Our office offers all of the attractive qualities of a regular office, but with much more. It includes a live receptionist, call forwarding to your actual location, a private conference room where you can hold meetings right in the heart of Beverly Hills, and voicemail services that secure all calls for your company.

All of these time-consuming tasks are taken care of as you focus on growing your business, yet this is all possible at a very low cost. Leave behind all overwhelming costs and remove yourself from financial burden. Now you don’t need to be tied into an expensive deal, since this is a flexible solution where you only pay for what your business needs. Having a business attached to such an influential location as Beverly Hills has never been more possible.

Your Business at a Whole New Level with a Virtual Office in Beverly Hills

Imagine your business at a whole new level of professionalism by attaching its name to the sought after location of Beverly Hills. Does this sound ambitious? It might, but it’s not impossible. With a dedicated virtual office in the prestigious Beverly Hills zip code, not only is it achievable, but it’s much cheaper than if you had to pay for a regular office.

Imagine all of the amenities of an office, like a live receptionist, private conference room, voicemail and a variety of other telephone services, but without all the on site hassle. Not to mention all the prestige it can give to your business with the classy image it projects. With this level of professionalism, your clients will want to immediately negotiate with you, and work with you and your business to form a good working relationship.

If you need a place where you can bring your clients to, but have used your conference room time, there are rooms that are rentable on an hourly basis. You don’t have to pay for a location at a fixed cost. You only have to deal with such expenses when you really need them.

 Don’t let unnecessary costs get in the way of your business expansion. Your whole attention must be focused on the development of your company. Let us do the rest. You no longer have to pay for set-up fees, nor do you have to get tied up in a long-term agreement. Now you have the chance of obtaining everything you need at a price that you can afford.

Beverly Hills Virtual Office Grants Your Business the Prestige You’ve Always Wanted

Every business would like to make enough money to expand their business further, but most businesses struggle to achieve this. The worst hindrance a company faces is rental costs, but now there is a solution to expanding your business without all of the demanding fees associated with renting an office.

One of the biggest reasons that a virtual office in the Beverly Hills area is a great choice is because it will be an office that only charges you for what you need. It eliminates fixed costs without binding your company to any long-term agreements. This will provide you with the freedom and time to actually expand your business. The best part about this offer is that it’s just the same as an office, except better. It has all the services you need, such as a live receptionist that can do call forwarding, a private, fully equipped conference room, and voicemail services that secure all calls made to you.

The business that you thought was beyond your reach is now realistic. A Beverly Hills virtual office has all the class you need to impact your clients. They will no longer think twice about meeting with you. In fact, they will be begging to meet with you after taking part in these prestigious services. With your address attached to Beverly Hills, your clients will always want to meet with you.

A Prestigious Way to do Business from Beverly Hills

It can be a struggle to find a prestigious office that’s not expensive. However, having a Beverly Hills virtual office can provide you with a clever way of owning an office without wasting everything you earn on fees or rent.

With a virtual office, you have all the best features of an actual office, plus the impressive title of Beverly Hills attached to your office address. These services include all that an office needs, such as a live receptionist that can transfer calls to your actual location, a private conference room that  you can invite your clients to for important meetings and even voice mail services with call forwarding. With this set-up, your clients will no longer have second thoughts about closing a deal or doing business with you.

Imagine the class and prestige these services can give your company. Bevery Hills virtual offices exemplify professionalism and at the same time glamor. If you are looking to bring your business to the next level, this is what you have been waiting for.

The Beverly Hills virtual office can make your business sound more credible and trustworthy. If your business has been struggling or you are looking to bring it to the next level, this is the solution. Cut down on costs that you never make use of. Now you only have to pay for the things that you really need. Beverly Hills virtual offices allow you to concentrate on the most important part of your company: growing your business.

Is Telephone Setup for a Virtual Office Difficult?

Many clients are intrigued by the fact that a virtual office can be setup without having to deal with old fashioned methods, like renting or building a space, hiring personnel, buying equipment, developing banners and so on. However, one of the biggest concerns of most clients is the phone system. Rest assured that setting up your phone system is a relatively simple task that can be completed in minutes. It will also allow you a lot more time to spend developing your business.

Having the Phones Answered

The incoming calls can be handled immediately and the process is really very simple. You will be able to find a lot of services on the market that will provide call forwarding services. Most of them will offer the popular 800 numbers and also feature phone or online support if you should run into any problems. Apollo Business Centers, located in Beverly Hills, California, offers a complete range of phone services, including a live receptionist that can answer your calls, for your virtual office.

Your virtual office telephone system will offer you the option to have your calls answered, regardless of whether you are available or not. You will also be able to have the phone answered in your business name and have them transferred to you or another staff member, if need be.

Such calls are really a saving grace. It offers you the benefit of having all of your phone calls answered, while there is no need to have someone working right beside you. It’s a great option for the entrepreneur, the startup, and even the mid-sized business. The virtual office packages at Apollo Business Centers start at just $75 per month. You can even choose the hours that calls can be forwarded to you, which is helpful when you have clients in various time zones. When this is in place, your calls are forwarded to voicemail.