Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a Virtual Office?

    A virtual office is usually a combination of a mailing address and telephone number that act as a business presence. Mail or calls received at the virtual office can either be stored there or forwarded. Meeting facilities at the address are available.


  • How Can Your Beverly Hills Virtual Office Service Help My Growing Business?

    It would be hard to put a price on a Beverly Hills address, but how about $85 per month? Our plans begin with that low price, yet your business still has all the prestige and positive associations that come with the best known address in the world: Beverly Hills, 90210. Your clients and customers will have an increased respect for your business and will be more eager to do business with you.

  • Why Use a Virtual Office?

    A virtual office saves much-needed capital. Instead of increasing overhead and expenses that may threaten the survival of your business, a virtual office saves money and lets you concentrate on growing your business, not your expenses. Saved from set-up fees and security deposits, a virtual office supplied by Apollo Business Centers can provide a month-to-month or long-term presence. Customers and clients will contact and work with a virtual office the same way they would with a physical one.

  • Who Uses a Virtual Office?

    A virtual office can be used by anyone. Some companies, when just starting up, cannot afford costly office space that is often underused. Virtual offices are also effective when expanding, since a business presence can be made before deciding if a physical presence is necessary. They are often useful as a branch office, or as a meeting place.

  • Where Can I Find More Information About Virtual Offices?

    You can find more information about how virtual offices work by visiting: "How Virtual Offices Work" by HowStuffWorks, Inc.

  • How Does Virtual Office Mail Forwarding Work?

    Mail or parcels received at the address of the virtual office are stored privately until you come and pick it up. For a modest additional fee, we can forward your mail to you, or you can designate someone to retrieve it for you. Our Transfer Package includes both mail and telephone forwarding.

  • Do You Have Space Where I Can Come and Work or Meet Clients?

    Yes! We have a fully furnished conference room that you can rent by the hour. The room provides a striking view of the Beverly Hills neighborhood and all the amenities needed to conduct business. Your clients will be eager to meet with you in your Beverly Hills office, and will come willing to do business!