Is Telephone Setup for a Virtual Office Difficult?

Many clients are intrigued by the fact that a virtual office can be setup without having to deal with old fashioned methods, like renting or building a space, hiring personnel, buying equipment, developing banners and so on. However, one of the biggest concerns of most clients is the phone system. Rest assured that setting up your phone system is a relatively simple task that can be completed in minutes. It will also allow you a lot more time to spend developing your business.

Having the Phones Answered

The incoming calls can be handled immediately and the process is really very simple. You will be able to find a lot of services on the market that will provide call forwarding services. Most of them will offer the popular 800 numbers and also feature phone or online support if you should run into any problems. Apollo Business Centers, located in Beverly Hills, California, offers a complete range of phone services, including a live receptionist that can answer your calls, for your virtual office.

Your virtual office telephone system will offer you the option to have your calls answered, regardless of whether you are available or not. You will also be able to have the phone answered in your business name and have them transferred to you or another staff member, if need be.

Such calls are really a saving grace. It offers you the benefit of having all of your phone calls answered, while there is no need to have someone working right beside you. It’s a great option for the entrepreneur, the startup, and even the mid-sized business. The virtual office packages at Apollo Business Centers start at just $75 per month. You can even choose the hours that calls can be forwarded to you, which is helpful when you have clients in various time zones. When this is in place, your calls are forwarded to voicemail.