The Benefits of Virtual Offices for Telecommuters

Although the stock market is on the mend after the Great Recession of the early 2000’s, many citizens are still struggling to find lucrative work. The wealth gap in America is at its highest level in history. Median wealth for high-income families was up 7%, while middle-class families have not seen a rise in wealth since 2010.

In particular, individuals over the age of 50 face many obstacles when attempting to re-enter the workforce. People in this demographic are too young to retire, but may be politely told they are “overqualified” when seeking employment. While this may be a nice sounding euphemism for being too old, age discrimination is extremely difficult to prove unless presented in its most blatant form.

Virtual offices and the redefined workforce

Clearly, our society needs to redefine what is valued in our workforce. Telecommuting and the realm of virtual office work is quickly becoming a viable, desirable way of earning a living. A virtual office service provides business and administrative support, helping telecommuters maintain a global presence in the marketplace. This allows workers over 50 to offer their skills and services without having to fear potential discrimination by prospective employers. Telecommuting frees workers to excel within their chosen fields, letting their quality of work speak for itself.

Everything that a virtual office has to offer you

While it’s true that working from home is a solution for many professionals on the rebound, some people need to step out of the house and away from the distractions in order to achieve optimum efficiency. Virtual office solutions once again provide support in this aspect, by supplying all of your basic office necessities and some perks like a furnished office, receptionist, conference room, all necessary utilities, and a business address with the famous 90210 zip code. Virtual offices project an image of professionalism and prestige, further adding to the efficient ethos telecommuters crave.

If you’ve been unemployed for some time and are anxious to get back in the professional game, telecommuting via virtual office solutions may be the opportunity for you! Reduce your bottom line while projecting your professional image to the world.