Small Businesses Save Money with Virtual Offices

Because of the current economic uncertainty, starting a business is riskier than ever, especially if an entrepreneur needs to invest in and outfit physical space since this is money that is not being spent on creating products and seeking new sales. As the cost of operating a business has risen, more small businesses are turning to shared workspaces as a way of trimming expenses. Shared workspaces are affordable options that include all of the luxuries of traditional office space without all the investment in furniture and equipment.

Apollo Business Centers Virtual Offices & Businesses Services helps entrepreneurs in many ways by providing the space they need to run their businesses.

A typical shared workspace features cubicles, office equipment and telecommunications service. A small company leases just the amount of space it needs and shares the common areas, such as printer locations, restrooms and reception area. Because the fixed costs of telecommunications, utilities and property taxes are spread over many small businesses, the cost of leasing a shared workspace is much less than trying to rent an entire office. Business owners can also rent office space by the hour if needed, saving more money.

ABC Virtual Offices also offers advantages over working from home. While the home office is the cheapest option, many small business owners miss out on the camaraderie of an office setting, along with the ability to network with other small business owners. By having a workspace near other entrepreneurs, a small business owner can collaborate with peers, using them as sources of ideas and as collaborators on projects.

Virtual offices also offer a higher level of professionalism than home offices. With a corporate mailing address and a live receptionist to answer phone calls, a virtual office can give a small business the appearance of being a much larger enterprise. This level of professionalism can help win new customers.

ABC Virtual Offices has executive suites located in Beverly Hills with a wide range of service packages designed to meet the needs and price point of every small business. Services include handling mail, answering telephone messages and hourly office rentals. Conference rooms are also available to rent.