How Virtual Offices Help Small Business Owners

Many entrepreneurs choose to work from home but also feel that their business suffers from the lack of a professional atmosphere. Apollo Business Centers’ virtual offices can help solve some of this dilemma.

Our virtual offices in Beverly Hills provides a corporate address, allowing the business to not use a post office box or a home address. This increases the corporate image, making customers feel they are dealing with a larger company than they are.

Costs are very flexible with a virtual office. Unlike traditional office space, there is no one-year lease. Instead, a small businesses can choose a virtual office package¬†they’re comfortable with, and rates are only $75-$165 per month. This leaves the business with the flexibility to change locations if needed and potentially expand into its own physical location when it has grown large enough to justify the expense.

ABC Virtual Offices come with trained receptionists. Instead of hiring a full-time receptionist, a small business can share the cost of one by essentially spreading the cost of the person among several other businesses. Having a receptionist answer the phone also increases the image of the business, making it seem more reputable to potential customers.

ABC Virtual Offices also frees up the entrepreneur to spend more time running and growing the business. The professional staff at the virtual office handles answering phones, taking messages and sorting mail. This leaves the business owner more time to talk to customers, refine the business and help it grow. Having a professional staff also means that the owner will never miss an important message because they are away from the office.