Managing Your Business In A Competitive Market

In today’s economy if a business owner doesn’t know or figure out how to save the expenses more than likely the business will not thrive. Learning where to save and not cut corners where extra should be given will lead to a stronger business and reaping more benefits for all those involved.

Many times with all of the paperwork involved running a business we need a few extra assistants. But if we have a virtual office how do we manage assistants? Is this possible? Yes, and for a fraction of the cost than it costs to have someone in the office full time.

Through the Apollo Business Center’s virtual assistant program you are able to save the business thousands of dollars. The average price for a full time virtual assistant is about $600 per month. All of our virtual assistants speak perfect English and have great office management skills as well as clerical skills.

In many cases a business will not need a full time assistant all of the time. In this case you hire the assistant just for the time needed to get the work completed. Then when the job is finished you are not responsible to find more work to make it worth your time as well as the assistant’s time.

This is saving the business money the best way possible without giving up the great expectations you have conformed your customers into receiving. You supply the best business and we help you get the job done right at the fraction of the cost. No overhead to worry about to have an area for the assistant to work yet great work is accomplished and business continues to thrive.

Be sure to check out the Apollo Business Center’s virtual assistant program to help fill the needs of your business and you can run your company with confidence.

Making The Entrepreneur In You Shine

For many, the word entrepreneur means to have a business of their own and to make it work. For many, this dream can be realized and can actually work. For others they just need that little bit of push and they are off and running and owning the road.

You have a business plan in mind and then you begin looking for office space. Now you are out and about and are actually seeing hat it costs to lease office space. With some of the process and knowing you may not have a lot to spend you are lucky to be able to rent or l ease something big enough to put your desk chair much less your desk and a customer.

Before the price of leasing has you throwing your arms up and your business in the air it can work and you can afford it. What about a virtual office? Before shaking your head and saying it won’t work lets answer a few questions. So what do you get with this virtual office? You get a Beverly Hills mailing address and phone number. Just the Beverly Hills address and phone number will make prospective clients sit up and take notice. Do you need a place to have meetings? Yes, there are conference rooms available and can be rented by the hour.

Apollo Business Centers actually have large companies that rent our conference rooms to get away from the home office and ringing phones so that they can brainstorm without unwanted distractions.

How expensive is this? Believe it or not it can all be yours for as little as $75.00. Now with the mailing address and phone number located in Beverly Hills how long do you think it will take to make that back? Be sure to visit and get the exact prices on our packages and grow your winning business from the ground up.

Keeping The Edge On Business

Keeping the edge on a business takes work and determination. With the wave of the future being virtual offices and hiring from around the world one must be on top of the business world at all times.

When choosing a virtual office one must keep all things in mind and stay ahead of the game in order to succeed. The address and telephone of the business, right down to if there is going to be conferences where will they be held.

For many who choose to have a virtual office finding the right location can sometimes be difficult. While a business person wants their business showing up in a great location they also have to watch the overhead expenses to keep the business thriving.

Apollo Business Centers offer all of the above conveniences at package that are affordable even to the beginning entrepreneur. With packages beginning at $75.00 a month this is not going to be beat. The Beverly Hills, 90210 addresses makes clients aware of the fact that you are in a very prominent place in the world. This is a great way to gain company recognition. When a client hears your business name they will correlate it to Beverly Hills.

Need a conference room for those meetings? This is also available through Apollo Business Centers. The wonderful thing is it can be rented by the hour and not on a continual basis so there are finances saved there which in turn can be used on the business.

For those entrepreneurs that could use an added hand by having an assistant Apollo Business Centers has virtual assistants that more than happy to help out. No need to hire a full time employee when you only need help for a couple of hours. All assistants speak perfect English and are a great contribution to companies of all sizes.

Ideas For Running That Virtual Office

For many, the idea of not having to leave the house to fight traffic and weather is one of the best ideas available. And according to the most recent statistics, virtual offices are popping up all over the world.

Virtual offices are not a new thing but they are becoming much more popular as people are looking at the workforce from a different prospective than they were just ten years ago.

One of the best things about having a virtual office is that the overhead cost is much less expensive than having a office that all employees must commute to each day. By having a virtual off one is also able to hire the best help from anywhere in the world. With all of the video-conferencing software that is now available the staff can meet regularly to keep the business running smooth and on budget.

Having a Beverly Hills, 90210 address not only brings prestige but makes clients take notice. Having your incoming calls answered by a live receptionist adds a touch of professional business air while other calls can be forwarded right to your cell phone or landline.

If you reside anywhere in the world you are still able to have this virtual office because has taken the time and effort to make your business run smoothly. Not only are calls forwarded to you any mail that comes in is securely kept and forwarded to the address that you have instructed the mail service go to.

If you are in the Beverly Hills area and would like to hold a meeting with clients or other business member there are executive offices as well as conference rooms that are available to you. There is no need to pay for space that you will not be using regularly. Instead, the money you are saving can be used for other business expenses.

For a fraction of the cost an office is yours in the waiting and packages begin at just $75.00 a month with no contract and no deposit fees at Apollo Business Centers.

Ready to Expand Your Business?

Many times businesses grow at a rapid speed and the need for another office may arise. You know that this business would do great on the Beverly Hills area but you just cannot justify paying the high lease prices for another office. What are your options? One of the best options available today are virtual offices.

Many are turning to to get the great package deals for a virtual office and the business is coming in. For many the Beverly Hills mailing address as well as the phone number has done wonders and they are not paying the high leases that many other businesses are struggling to keep up with.

The same is also for the new business owner who does not want to go into debt trying to make the lease payment each month. Many of the costs of not having to run a office can be put back into the company thus being able to be used for other important things.

Whether you choose to work from home or go into the conference room for a meeting that can be rented by the hour the air of true professionalism is always about. Never do you have to figure out where you are going to move to how you are going to put a deposit down or where to get the office furniture.

Worried about receiving phone calls and an answering machine picking them up? There is no need to. There is even a package available where a live receptionist can answer all incoming calls during normal business hours.

With the mailing address when mail comes for you it is then held in safe keeping until you are someone picks it up or for a fee it can be forwarded to you. There is no need to go out of your way and waste precious time.

Apollo Business Centers Now Offers Virtual Assistants

We continue to try and help you increase your business not your overhead by coming up with even more services to reduce your overhead. Apollo Business Centers and its president and founder, Cameron Hassid, have built on our virtual office model by extending that model to virtual assistants who will help with clerical and other functions and our new virtual receptionist who can help monitor and direct incoming phone calls and messages.

What began as a way for your business to boast a prestigious Beverly Hills address while conducting your work from wherever you choose has grown to become closer to what Mr. Hassid is convinced is the way business will be done in the future. Freed from the traditional high expenses of office space and on site personnel, your business can grow while you devote your time and energy to increasing sales and market penetration. Truly, more than ever, Apollo Business Centers can let you focus on growing by taking advantage of the many services we provide while keeping your expenses in check.

Save On the High Cost of Renting Expensive Office Space

Apollo Business Centers began with the idea of helping businesses save on the high cost of renting expensive office space that is frequently underused and has grown to fit founder Cameron Hassid’s vision to include personnel and other services as well. The concept of a virtual office has become much more than simply an address, and Apollo Business Centers continues to expand on what’s available and what’s possible.

When your virtual office is staffed with virtual staff, your business saves two ways, which gives it a competitive edge. Capable full-time employees who aren’t physically situated in costly office space can handle your routine tasks professionally, leaving you with the time to develop and expand clients. When those important contacts need to physically meet, Apollo Business Centers can help with that, too!

As the idea of a virtual office grows, Apollo Business Centers still leads the way. Letting your business conduct business the way it will be done in the future today puts you in the forefront and lets you concentrate on growing your business, not your overhead.

Work From Wherever You Choose

The economic world is in turmoil and many Southern California businesses are scurrying around, trying to match the stability that a Beverly Hills virtual office with Apollo Business Centers provides. Instead of trying to find a usable, affordable location, our clients are continuing to work from wherever they choose and are expanding their contacts and business.

Commercial real estate is experiencing rapid and unprecedented changes, but those who have already made the decision to run their business through a virtual office are unaffected by any volatility. Instead of relocating, expanding, or trying to justify the high cost of office space that is infrequently used, if at all, our clients go about their business as they always have and they are succeeding.

Relieved of the high cost and uncertainty of paying each and every month for more office space than is needed, our clients see their income going toward increasing profits instead of expenses. Instead of growing their overhead, they’re growing their businesses, and their competitors are struggling to keep pace.

A Beverly Hills virtual office provided by Apollo Business Centers lets you avoid changes in the economic environment that your competitors must resolve. When you can work from wherever you choose and still have a business presence in a location synonymous with success that your business contacts appreciate and remember at once, your profits can grow. Economic changes on your business won’t have nearly the effect they have on those tied down to paying for expansion or moving locations, and instead of worrying about those, our clients are out making new contacts, firming up established ones, and focusing on growing their businesses.

A virtual office lets your business enjoy a prestigious address that you may have thought would never be possible. Our transfer plan makes everything seamless and invisible to those conducting business with you, a realization of the vision our founder, Cameron Hassid, is convinced will be how business is done in the future.

Businesses in the Future Won’t Be Tied Down to a Physical Location

Businesses across the nation are realizing what Cameron Hassid, the founder of Apollo Business Centers, has known for years: business in the future won’t be tied down to needing a physical, brick and mortar location. Having a virtual office represents the latest business trend, and for a good reason. Not only does it save on costly and needless rental expenses for office space that is rarely used, but relieves any need for expansion when your business grows.

A virtual office doesn’t take up any real estate, so it’s always the perfect size for your business. Since your Beverly Hills virtual office can be accessed from anywhere you choose, your working space can be a home office, low cost space in a warehouse, or anywhere, and it will still look to your valuable customers and clients as if you’re located in a location they’ll remember. When your business address contains the magical words “Beverly Hills,” there will be no question about your dedication or the esteem you have your business.

The “just in time” means of managing inventory has changed business practices by saving them warehouse expense, and a virtual office continues this trend by taking it to its logical conclusion. The time and expense of setting up your office location can be done in just one day, which means your business will not only get a valuable and prestigious address, but you can devote your efforts toward growing your business, not your overhead.

Freed from fluctuating real estate expenses, your business can take advantage today of the benefits future business trends will bring. A branch location in Southern California, one of the more vibrant business environments, can be set up as quickly as you decide to have one, and you can begin taking advantage of everything a Beverly Hills address will bring to your company.

Take Advantage of a New Opportunity with a Virtual Office

A good business plan contains steps to take advantage of every new opportunity, and moving to the future means leaving behind the way businesses have operated in the past. The future, according to our company founder, Cameron Hassid, will have work done remotely and centered in a virtual office that doesn’t require paying for costly office space that is rarely or never used.

To keep up with the rapid pace of change, a business needs to react quickly, and this cannot always be done if your business is anchored to a business location that is oversized, undersized, or expensive to change. A virtual office suffers from none of these, and a prestigious Beverly Hills address gives your business respectability and demonstrates your involvement with the future.

A Beverly Hills virtual office lets you work from wherever is convenient while receiving mail packages at an address your clients and customers will recognize immediately. Your competitors will struggle to meet expensive housing expenses while you can concentrate on growing your business and increasing your contacts and suppliers. Freed from the continuing drain on your cash, your profit can grow and your business can expand.

The need to move with changing times is something every good business learns. The way of the past, leasing expensive real estate, doesn’t provide the flexibility your business needs to prosper. A virtual office supplied by Apollo Business Centers lets you do business now the way it will be done in the future, and a business presence in Beverly Hills will demonstrate the pride you have in it. With a virtual receptionist available and our complete transfer package, you can perform all your necessary business activities from wherever you choose while all your business contacts will know you as a Beverly Hills enterprise.

To learn more about how you can move your business into the future today, Apollo Business Centers can answer all your questions. You can begin saving money immediately and devote your time to expanding your business instead of worrying about how to meet expenses.