Apollo Business Centers Now Offers Virtual Assistants

We continue to try and help you increase your business not your overhead by coming up with even more services to reduce your overhead. Apollo Business Centers and its president and founder, Cameron Hassid, have built on our virtual office model by extending that model to virtual assistants who will help with clerical and other functions and our new virtual receptionist who can help monitor and direct incoming phone calls and messages.

What began as a way for your business to boast a prestigious Beverly Hills address while conducting your work from wherever you choose has grown to become closer to what Mr. Hassid is convinced is the way business will be done in the future. Freed from the traditional high expenses of office space and on site personnel, your business can grow while you devote your time and energy to increasing sales and market penetration. Truly, more than ever, Apollo Business Centers can let you focus on growing by taking advantage of the many services we provide while keeping your expenses in check.