Virtual Offices are Attractive to Small Businesses

Starting a small business is a risky proposition. One reason for failures is that operating expenses are too high and the entrepreneur burns through capital before the startup has grown enough to cover expenses, such as office space. Southern California businesses can be more successful by operating with low expenses through Apollo Business Centers.

Coworking space is an attractive option in this scenario. There are many buildings that offer shared workspace where many small businesses all operate in the same office like at our offices in Beverly Hills. Within these arrangements, an individual can still have a private office space, but spread the costs of common resources, such as office equipment, restrooms and reception, over a larger number of businesses. Monthly rent for this Southern California virtual office runs at low prices between $75-$165.

In addition to lower expenses, coworking arrangements come with added flexibility. Because there is not a one-year lease requirement, a business can relocate with very little notice if needed. With the Beverly Hills virtual office package, a small business doesn’t need to worry about being locked into a contract that it may break at some point, so an entrepreneur will not need to worry about being personally liable for the balance of the lease.

The social aspect of coworking spaces is also attractive. At ABC Virtual Offices’, Beverly Hills location, clients often socialize and network among each other. We offer a cheap, professional atmosphere where you can share ideas and get feedback from other local entrepenuers.