Corporate Structuring or Incorporating a New Corporation is Enhanced With a Virtual Office

Among the many decisions the head of any corporation must make is where to best position their location. Because the main cause of business failure is excessive expenses, it makes sense to keep them low as possible so that you can increase your profits, not your overhead. A business presence in Beverly Hills, or a Los Angeles business location is highly desirable, but in many cases the costs of having such a desirable address may keep you out of these desirable locations.

This is where Apollo Business Centers can help make your dreams a reality.

Those incorporating a new business or wishing to establish an LLC need to have a business address, and having one in Los Angeles or Beverly Hills establishes your business identity much better than a P.O. Box does. Our virtual office services help give your new business a solid identity, and in addition to a real Beverly Hills address, we can provide a private telephone number as well, one that is answered with your company’s personal greeting.

Corporations often need to be located near their customers and clients so that business meetings can be arranged and attended. It is not always cost-effective to rent or lease expensive office space that is rarely used or that commits you to paying for more room than you need each and every month. A virtual office supplied by Apollo Business Centers can save you these high costs, yet provide you with a business address that is located where you want and offers you the use of a board room to conduct those important meetings.

Starting at a surprisingly low cost of $75 per month for an address that places your business where you need it to be, we can quickly supply everything your business needs that ranges from a temporary or permanent branch location to a home office. Although our Mail Package provides your business with an address from which you can send and receive mail and packages and includes use of our board room that overlooks beautiful Beverly Hills and mail forwarding for a modest additional fee, our Basic Package, Standard Package, and Transfer Package extend the services to include various levels of telephone services, including a live receptionist during regular business hours in Los Angeles.

Please contact us to expand or incorporate your business in Beverly Hills or Los Angeles. An address that we can provide in either of these locations is certain to give your new or existing business a built-in respectability that you can use immediately to show the pride you have in your business.