Business Startup Can Be Costly

Starting a new business can be a daunting task.  While you’re out there working to grow your new business, there’s no one back at the office holding down the fort.  How many hang-ups do you get on your office line, just because a “live” person doesn’t answer?  And the cost of a brick and mortar space – that can be sky-high depending upon the location.

So let’s see what you will likely need – as a minimum – to set up your office.  For starters, you will need the office space, itself, whether a small building or an office within a physical location.  Next you’ll need the furniture, including equipment such as computers, copiers, multi-line phones, and so on.  Of course you’ll need someone to man those phones, even if just to take messages or forward appropriate calls to your cell phone.  You’ll also need the capital to pay a salary to the receptionist.  All of those are just the physical items; they don’t include fees or operation capital for six months to a year.  They don’t even take into consideration that most places offer some kind of benefits package to that lonely receptionist if the hours worked are fulltime.

Did we say “daunting?”  Yes, we did.  A fulltime brick and mortar office space may be more than your fledgling company can handle right now.  With that in mind, why not shift horses from the out-dated idea of a fulltime physical presence, and instead consider maintaining a virtual office?  Many business owners are turning on to the office space of the 21st century – the virtual office.

With a virtual office like those provided by Apollo Business Centers, you can get all of that and more.  Do you need a “live” voice answering your phone when you aren’t available?  Do you need office space only one or two days a month – the rest of the time you are beating the pavement?  Do you need an office assistant one day a month to help with office-related tasks?  Instead of setting up a fulltime office, check out all a virtual office has to offer you.  You might just be surprised!