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  • How Virtual Offices Help Small Business Owners

    Many entrepreneurs choose to work from home but also feel that their business suffers from the lack of a professional atmosphere. Apollo Business Centers’ virtual offices can help solve some of this dilemma.

    Our virtual offices in Beverly Hills provides a corporate address, allowing the business to not use a post office box or a home address. This increases the corporate image, making customers feel they are dealing with a larger company than they are.

    Costs are very flexible with a virtual office. Unlike traditional office space, there is no one-year lease. Instead, a small businesses can choose a virtual office package they’re comfortable with, and rates are only $75-$165 per month. This leaves the business with the flexibility to change locations if needed and potentially expand into its own physical location when it has grown large enough to justify the expense.

    ABC Virtual Offices come with trained receptionists. Instead of hiring a full-time receptionist, a small business can share the cost of one by essentially spreading the cost of the person among several other businesses. Having a receptionist answer the phone also increases the image of the business, making it seem more reputable to potential customers.

    ABC Virtual Offices also frees up the entrepreneur to spend more time running and growing the business. The professional staff at the virtual office handles answering phones, taking messages and sorting mail. This leaves the business owner more time to talk to customers, refine the business and help it grow. Having a professional staff also means that the owner will never miss an important message because they are away from the office.

  • Coworking and Private Offices

    Virtual offices, also known as coworking, are a hot commodity among start-up businesses here in Southern California. Get what you’re looking for in an office from a coworking environment. The advantages are endless.

    With Apollo Business Centers’ Beverly Hills virtual offices there is no need for a lease! Rent month to month and enjoy the flexibility coworking offers you. Not to mention virtual office rates are only $75-$165 per month!

    Is your private office lacking human interaction? A quick change to a virtual office adds a needed social element to your work environment.

    Can’t afford an interior designer to spice the place up because all your funds are being re-invested into your business? Fortunately coworking spaces are furnished, leaving you burden free when it comes to coming up with amenities like furniture, equipment, utilities and internet access.

    ABC Virtual Offices’ coworking space does not resemble those companies on main street, but rather a corporate office. Proudly show off your virtual office to clients and show them how you stack up against the competition.

  • The Benefits of Virtual Offices for Startups

    Deciding to open your business guarantees numerous challenges, but having a reliable office space doesn’t have to be one of them. A Beverly Hills virtual office,  or coworking experience, can be helpful in regards to finances and allows you to worry more about the finer points of your business.

    Leasing a professional office can be expensive. However, with Apollo Business Centers’ virtual offices you avoid paying a deposit and longterm lease, and instead go month-to-month with a virtual office package in Beverly Hills saving hundreds on your work space.

    Our virtual office services in Beverly Hills include a 90210 mailing address, on-site private mailbox, mail handling and forwarding, conference room access, private telephone number and a receptionists to answer calls are included when you sign up for our transfer package, just $165 per month, at our Beverly Hills location.

    ABC Virtual Offices allows you to bring potential clients to a professional setting that impresses, rather than your home office or an out of date, overpriced private office. Take it a step further to impress an important client, and rent a private office or the conference room for an hour, day or week.

    Coworking, in addition to the comfort of a professional office, offers you the ability to connect with other startups and entrepreneurs. Make mutually beneficial, professional relationships with other companies in our building or someone you can simply grab lunch with.

    ABC Virtual Offices gives startups the best opportunity for an affordable office that provides professional resources, and one that clients will find visually appealing. Hit the ground running with your startup by moving into one of our virtual offices!

  • Virtual Offices Help Startups and Corporate Employees

    A virtual office can be beneficial to both a small startup or a big corporation. Those who are looking to cut costs and save money should look into paying for a virtual office.

    Apollo Business Centers’ virtual offices located in Beverly Hills handles all utilities and doesn’t require a deposit or a year-long lease. This is very popular among the many individuals starting a new business with us. Additionally, the virtual office services in Beverly Hills can give a startup a professional look with access to private offices and conference rooms.

    Startups and small business owners who have previously worked at home, but are considering moving into a physical office should start with coworking. Consider a virtual office a test ride.

    If a professional office is what it takes to expand business, or bring in high leverage clients then perhaps you have found your new home in Beverly Hills with ABC Virtual Offices. If after a month or two you find that you like working in shorts and a t-shirt at your home office then pack up and return to what was familiar to you. ABC Virtual Offices allows you to take that chance without committing to a long-lasting lease.

    Another appeal we offer to bigger businesses is mobility. Those in charge of a bigger business typically look at a virtual office as temporary headquarters in a new city.

    Perhaps you are tapping into Southern California, but don’t want to commit to a new office until seeing if the territory is profitable. It could be that it’s a contractor with a job scheduled to last only a few months so a virtual office satisfies their demands for an office over that time period. Businesses in the suburbs sometimes need an office downtown to meet with certain clients, and this helps appease those potential new customers. Finally, travelling businessmen or sales representatives someimes need our conference room for a day or two to hold a professional office meeting with clientele.

    ABC Virtual Offices cater to business people from all sorts of backgrounds, and offer a variety of benefits. It’s clear that the quickest way to an affordable office is to rent with ABC Virtual Offices with one of our virtual office packages in Beverly Hills with prices running between $75-$165 per month.

  • New Office Space Concept for Small Businesses

    One of the first questions an entrepreneur must ask is where the startup company will be located. There are many options, all with advantages and disadvantages.

    A business can start in a home office, which offers tax deductions, convenience, and very low overhead. However, working at home can be distracting and people often miss the social interaction of larger offices. Some have home offices set up because they enjoy telecommuting, but telecommuting is really only an option for people who work for larger corporations.

    An attractive option for a startup company is a coworking, also referred to as a virtual office space, where office space is split between many small businesses. Our Beverly Hills’ virtual office package charges a monthly fee and offers all the amentities of larger spaces. Other arrangements may charge daily or even hourly for use of space.

    A virtual office is also an option, especially for businesses that do not require a lot of time at a desk. Apollo Business Centers’ virtual office services include a physical address, usually found in remote office centers, and a professional environment to work at when needed.

    An internet-based solution is to have a virtual team running the business. Each employee of the business finds individual office space, often in different cities, and communicates electronically.

    More traditional office space can be had in the form of an office suit or executive suite. These arrangements come with a paid assistant, receptionist and charge based on the amenities that a business wants to use. This arrangement is also more expensive than some of the other options.

    For those who feel coworking or an internet-based solution is the route they want to pursure perhaps a virtual office is their best option. A virtual office with ABC Virtual Office includes a Beverly Hills, 90210 mailing address, on-site private mailbox, mail handling and forwarding, conference room access, private telephone number and a receptionists to answer calls. All of these services are available for $75-$165 per month.

    Push the image that you work from an executive suite, but enjoy the benefits of rent cheaper than your car payment.

  • Coworking is a Major Change for Small Businesses

    For a small business to survive in a highly competitive environment like Los Angeles, it needs to be continually adapting to factors in the marketplace. If the business is not performing up to expectations, a change is probably needed. Changes can be evolutionary or revolutionary.

    Evolutionary change is gradual and subtle, moving slowly towards goals. Gradual change has the advantage of being easy to adapt to, both for employees and customers. Evolutionary changes are also lower risk. Since these tend to be incremental changes, a business can use an evolutionary process to experiment with different options. If something does not work as anticipated it can be undone.

    The downside of evolutionary change is that sometimes businesses do not have time to adapt slowly. Competition is fierce, and a business that moves too slowly will often be left with no viable options. Sometimes faster, more dramatic changes need to be implemented. This is revolutionary change.

    Revolutionary change is marked by a quick and dramatic change in process, strategy, or product. While things can happen quickly, revolutionary change is hard to adapt to for employees and potentially customers. This strategy is also higher risk because if the changes do not work as expected, they can be hard to reverse at times.

    Businesses must change to survive. Sometimes small, evolutionary changes are needed, while at other times, large, revolutionary change needs to happen.

    A revolutionary change doesn’t have to be expensive. Signing up for Apollo Business Center’s virtual offices in Beverly Hills could be the revoltionary change your business needs by providing your company with a 90210 mailing address, on-site private mailbox, mail handling and forwarding, conference room access, private telephone number and a receptionists to answer calls. The Beverly Hills virtual office package is available for $75-$165 per month, and may provide your company with the revolutionary change it needs.

  • Virtual Offices are Attractive to Small Businesses

    Starting a small business is a risky proposition. One reason for failures is that operating expenses are too high and the entrepreneur burns through capital before the startup has grown enough to cover expenses, such as office space. Southern California businesses can be more successful by operating with low expenses through Apollo Business Centers.

    Coworking space is an attractive option in this scenario. There are many buildings that offer shared workspace where many small businesses all operate in the same office like at our offices in Beverly Hills. Within these arrangements, an individual can still have a private office space, but spread the costs of common resources, such as office equipment, restrooms and reception, over a larger number of businesses. Monthly rent for this Southern California virtual office runs at low prices between $75-$165.

    In addition to lower expenses, coworking arrangements come with added flexibility. Because there is not a one-year lease requirement, a business can relocate with very little notice if needed. With the Beverly Hills virtual office package, a small business doesn’t need to worry about being locked into a contract that it may break at some point, so an entrepreneur will not need to worry about being personally liable for the balance of the lease.

    The social aspect of coworking spaces is also attractive. At ABC Virtual Offices’, Beverly Hills location, clients often socialize and network among each other. We offer a cheap, professional atmosphere where you can share ideas and get feedback from other local entrepenuers.