Mail Package

Our most affordable option is a great place to start as your grow your business!
Package Includes
  • Beverly Hills, 90210 mailing address
  • On-site private mailbox
  • Mail and package handling
Additional Options
  • Mail forwarding (at an extra charge)
  • Ability to rent a conference room on an hourly "as-needed" basis

No contracts or setup fees!

Total Package Price: $85/month
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Mail Package

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Your business can look like a million dollar company for as little as $85 a month through the mail service offered by Apollo Business Centers and Beverly Hills virtual offices. You will be able to use an address known around the world, one synonymous with prestige and excellence, for your very own virtual office without having to lease or rent expensive office space.

Our mail service gives you a Beverly Hills virtual office. You can receive all your mail at an address you never knew you could afford, and one that is certain to reflect both your taste and high standards. When you use that address, those sending you packages or mail will recognize it, and your business will immediately inherit the respectability it could otherwise take years to build.

Everything directed to the address of your virtual office will be held for you in your private mailbox until you or someone you designate retrieves it. For a modest additional charge, we can forward your mail to you, which saves you both travel time and expense.

Grow your business, not your overhead

The virtual office that our mail service provides lets you grow your business without growing your overhead. You can save the expense of costly office space that is rarely used and still conduct your business from an address that reflects your ambitions and status. Mail sent to your virtual address is answered by you, and the entire process is transparent to those with whom you conduct business.

No Setup Fees, No Contracts

Unlike renting or leasing commercial property, there are no setup fees or security deposits required, which saves you even more. Add to that an address that is recognizable around the world, and it's hard to imagine a better and quicker way to establish your business' identity. All it takes for your business to take advantage of a seemingly physical presence in the most highly regarded area of Southern California is a call to Apollo Business Centers.

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