California Virtual Offices

A Beverly Hills Virtual Office is Perfect for Every California Company

A business that's incorporating in California, or one that's looking to set up a Beverly Hills branch office for meetings or to take advantage of the prestige only a Beverly Hills address can generate. A Beverly Hills business presence can make the difference between success and failure, and our virtual offices let you expand your profits, not your overhead.

Company founder Cameron Hassid spent years in investment banking and commercial real estate before founding Apollo Business Centers. The virtual office services provided by his firm, which he considers to be the way business will be done in the future, can include a live receptionist to answer incoming calls during normal business hours, mail and package forwarding, and rental of meeting facilities at the address you use for your business, all at prices that make it easy to have a branch office for your existing business or an actual street address for a new incorporation.

Our virtual offices let you work from home, a low-cost warehouse facility, or anywhere you choose, all while maintaining an address that is both desirable and known all over the world. Every California business can benefit by having a home or branch office located in the center of the Los Angeles business market, one that gives your business access to this lucrative market. Your business can begin enjoying these financial benefits as soon as you contact us, and while your competitors are stuck in traffic traveling to expensive and underused office space, you can be increasing your sales and expanding your business.

Our assortments of packages provide everything you need to get your business up and running or soaring ahead of the competition. Our simple mail package begins at a remarkably affordable $85 per month, but our services can be extended to include a full-time, live receptionist during normal Beverly Hills office hours, transparent phone call forwarding, and much more.

Please contact us today to begin reaping the rewards tomorrow. Increasing your profits instead of your overhead is sound business sense, and we provide the tools that can make your business flourish.

We offer services throughout California:

Los Angeles