Coworking is a Major Change for Small Businesses

For a small business to survive in a highly competitive environment like Los Angeles, it needs to be continually adapting to factors in the marketplace. If the business is not performing up to expectations, a change is probably needed. Changes can be evolutionary or revolutionary.

Evolutionary change is gradual and subtle, moving slowly towards goals. Gradual change has the advantage of being easy to adapt to, both for employees and customers. Evolutionary changes are also lower risk. Since these tend to be incremental changes, a business can use an evolutionary process to experiment with different options. If something does not work as anticipated it can be undone.

The downside of evolutionary change is that sometimes businesses do not have time to adapt slowly. Competition is fierce, and a business that moves too slowly will often be left with no viable options. Sometimes faster, more dramatic changes need to be implemented. This is revolutionary change.

Revolutionary change is marked by a quick and dramatic change in process, strategy, or product. While things can happen quickly, revolutionary change is hard to adapt to for employees and potentially customers. This strategy is also higher risk because if the changes do not work as expected, they can be hard to reverse at times.

Businesses must change to survive. Sometimes small, evolutionary changes are needed, while at other times, large, revolutionary change needs to happen.

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