Customized Virtual Office

Imagine working in a brick and mortar office space – one day a week you need an office assistant, three days a week you need a receptionist, you don’t need a copier except during the last week of each month and then you use it non-stop.  The second week of each month you meet with clients to review their projects, but the rest of the month you are out of the office most of the time.  Regardless of how often you need these things – a real office space, a receptionist, an office assistant, or a copier – you have to get them and pay for them all month long.  Pretty expensive, yes?

The thing most people aren’t aware of is that virtual offices, like those provided by Apollo Business Centers, Inc., can eliminate those extra costs you pay for but don’t need.  With a virtual office space, you can set up a customized package for exactly the support you need when you need it.  You can arrange to rent a conference room or even a physical office, complete with computer and everything you need.  Perhaps you just need someone to answer your calls and forward them when you are unavailable.  Maybe you don’t like the idea of business associates having your home address for mailing purposes.  Or maybe you just like the idea of having an address in Beverly Hills that’s synonymous with sophistication and reliability.

Regardless of the reasons, many businesspeople are turning to virtual offices to help minimize costs while maximizing productivity.  Virtual help – including virtual office assistants – will take care of the hum-drum copying, mailing, and other standard chores, leaving you to focus on what you do best!  You get to spend time selling or following up leads or signing up clients while boring office tasks are taken care of – what you want, when you want it!