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  • Act Like a Big Business with a Virtual Office

    Small businesses face an uphill battle in the marketplace, especially when they are competing against bigger firms. Small businesses often fail to grow because their small size limits the number of customers who want to do business with the firm.

    To grow, small businesses must in many ways act like they are already a large organization. People prefer to conduct business with a large organization because of the perception that the large company is better equipped to handle their needs as customers.

    The first step in creating the illusion of size is a professional website. Since that is the first time most customers will interact with a small company, having a website on par with larger competitors will help attract and retain customers.

    Another way to appear larger is to use a virtual office to handle logistics. ABC Virtual Offices can provide an address in the 90210 ZIP code of Beverly Hills, creating the appearance of more scale. ABC Virtual Offices also provides personal service for customers and a secure mailing address so that customers feel that they are conducting business with a truly professional organization.

    One advantage a small business has over larger competitors is more personal service and customer contact. Being able to provide customers with individualized attention will help differentiate a small business from its competitors. By utilizing a virtual office to handle incoming calls and mail, a business owner can free up time that would be better spent talking to customers and finding ways to grow the business.

  • Premium Services for Your Small Business

    ABC Virtual Offices in Beverly Hills offers small businesses the same services that big businesses use to succeed, but at a fraction of the cost compared to what the typical business pays in Los Angeles. ABC Virtual Offices has solutions for businesses with limited budgets which want to present a professional image to their customers.

    ABC Virtual Offices has professional services available to help any business. The most basic service is the mail handling service that gives a small business a prestigious physical address in the 90210 ZIP code of Beverly Hills. Having a real physical address, rather than an impersonal post office box or an unprofessional home address, helps convey a positive image to potential customers.

    It can be necessary for a small business to need a conference room or other meeting space to present to clients, interview staff or many other reasons. For many businesses, though, these occasions are relatively rare and so having office space dedicated for these functions can be a costly luxury. Virtual offices offer meeting space and conference rooms at an hourly rate, so that the small business does not have to pay for space when it doesn’t need it.

    Another feature ABC Virtual Offices offers to help small businesses appear larger is telephone service including a live receptionist to answer incoming calls. Clients will perceive the business as more legitimate if the phone is answered by a professional receptionist announcing the name of the business, rather than calling a cell phone or home number directly. Also, the live receptionist will be able to take messages and forward on calls, as appropriate.

    Small businesses often struggle with appearing legitimate in the eyes of their customers. Virtual offices can help alleviate those concerns at very reasonable rates.


  • Eliminate the Need for Expensive Staff

    Small businesses can begin to suffer when the entrepreneur who started the business has to spend most of the day sorting through mail, answering the phone and doing other administrative tasks. In some instances the business isn’t large enough to support administrative staff, which it needs to help it grow.

    Apollo Business Centers Virtual Offices can provide that administrative staff to help small businesses grow at affordable price. Offering packages with administrative staff starting at only $145 per month, ABC Virtual Offices in Beverly Hills, provides a virtual receptionist to answer incoming telephone calls with the name of your business, take messages and forward calls to you. All incoming mail can be handled, processed and forwarded to an appropriate location without the business owner having to sort through an overwhelming amount of bulk mail and other correspondence.

    In addition to administrative tasks, ABC Virtual Offices provides access to physical conference rooms and meeting space when the business needs it. Rather than commit to a large lease for space the business will only occasionally use, ABC Virtual Offices allows for hourly rentals. ABC Virtual Offices also makes sure that the space and equipment are maintained and cleaned, eliminating another distracting headache for the business owner.

    Good administrative help is expensive in Los Angeles. While most small businesses can’t afford to hire their own staff, ABC Virtual Offices has solutions that can fit every budget while also providing the help that the business needs to grow. Located in the prestigious Beverly Hills ZIP code of 90210, we can help accomplish the administrative tasks that too often distract business owners from actually running their business.

  • Virtual Offices Reduce the Need for Loans

    Many small businesses fail each year because they cannot afford to keep up with their debt payments. Others are never able to start because they are not able to raise enough capital to begin their operations. Banks have tightened lending standards in the last few years, making it very difficult for a small business to take out a loan.

    Virtual offices are a way for a small business to get started quickly, without relying on raising a large amount of capital initially. Most of the capital required to start a small business is used to lease office space, buy furniture and acquire office equipment. None of those things helps bring in customers or grow the business. Apollo Business Centers’ virtual offices in Beverly Hills can provide all of those things to a new business with no deposit and no contracts.

    ABC Virtual Offices provides business services for small businesses  at a low monthly fee, starting as low as $75 per month. Services include mail handling, professional receptionist, call forwarding and conference room access. The low prices help limit the amount of risk a business is taking, which makes it more likely that the business will succeed. Businesses only have to buy the services that they need, rather than write checks every month to lease more office space than is used.

    Office space in Los Angeles is very expensive, especially in Beverly Hills. ABC Virtual Offices can give even the smallest business access to the most prestigious of ZIP codes, 90210, for a small monthly fee. By keeping overhead low, small businesses can avoid taking out a loan to start their business. Without a loan, the business can get started quicker and will have a greater chance of success.

  • Virtual Offices Are The Perfect Venue for Networking

    Many small business owners feel that their businesses suffer because they lack interactions with other people. This lack of a professional network can hamper an entrepreneur who needs new ideas or new connections to help expand. Successful businesses know how to use their networks to optimize their chances for success. A business can tap into a network as a way to raise capital, make contact with suppliers and find customers. Many small businesses fail because they do not have contact with enough people to build a powerful network.

    One way for an entrepreneur to overcome this challenge is to locate in a virtual office, such as those provided by Apollo Business Centers’ virtual offices in Beverly Hills. By sharing space with other entrepreneurs, the small business owner can start developing a network of people in similar situations. They can share information, ideas and contacts to the benefit of all the businesses that share office space in the same location.

    Virtual offices make networking easy because everyone is in close proximity. Rather than waiting for industry conferences and scheduled events, business owners can make new contacts every day simply by interacting with the people who are just a few feet away from them in the same building. Sharing the workspace provides an easy topic of conversation off of which to build a relationship.

    ABC Virtual Offices are located in prestigious Beverly Hills and can help connect your business to other small but growing companies throughout the Los Angeles area. Contact us today to see how we can help you get plugged in with other small businesses.