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  • Small Business Owners Cut Costs with Virtual Offices

    For the owner of a small company, one way to dramatically cut costs is to switch to a virtual office. A virtual office offers everything that an office provides to a business, except for the overhead costs of a physical location. Virtual offices began as a way to serve professionals who worked from their homes.

    One of the biggest advantages a virtual office provides is a professional address. Some home-based entrepreneurs don’t want their home addresses on business correspondences. A virtual office address provides separation from business and personal life, lending credibility and respect to a small business. Virtual offices are also affordable solutions for those who travel a large percentage of the time and do not need dedicated office space. Large companies can use a virtual office when they are trying to expand into new geographies so that they can have a local address without committing capital to the expansion project. The virtual office address can appear on business cards, letterhead and other documents. Mail can also be received at the virtual office. ABC Virtual Offices provides a business address in the desirable 90210 ZIP code of Beverly Hills.

    ABC Virtual Offices offers numerous solutions for businesses looking to reduce expenses. Telephones can be answered by a live person. Incoming calls can be transferred to a different phone number such as a personal cell phone. Faxes and voicemail can be converted to electronic documents and e-mailed to any address. For those times when a business absolutely needs physical space, both desks and conference rooms are available for rent, usually by the hour. These services can be combined in attractively-priced bundles.

    For the company looking to save money and avoid the expenses of costly office space and furniture, the virtual office solution is an excellent option. ABC Virtual Offices offers services that can help almost any small company appear more professional, be more efficient and slash overhead costs.

  • Co-Working Is A Convenient, New Concept For Entrepreneurs

    The concept of co-working is gaining popularity and changing the way people work. Many individual entrepreneurs and workers enjoy the flexibility of working independently but at the same time in the same building as others. Co-working spaces offer independent workers a community working environment.

    For people who love to work at home, but also enjoy being around others, co-working is an attractive option. Co-working facilities vary from simple office space to spacious cafeteria-style rooms. Facilities charge a fee for the use of the space and shared office services, such as printer and fax machine access. Some facilities provide amenities like beverages and snacks.

    A virtual office can be anywhere, but home offices do not always offer the professional, quiet environment that entrepreneurs need. ABC Virtual Offices offers a solution in the form of co-working spaces. Our Beverly Hills location, in the 90210 ZIP code, allows telecommuters to do their jobs while not being secluded from the rest of the world. Our co-working offices allow entrepreneurs to bring their computers and work with other entrepreneurs, all while running their own businesses.

    Co-working spaces are customizable for the needs of the individual entrepreneur. For those who cannot take their own computers to the facilities, computers are available to rent. Alternatively, for those who prefer using their own laptop, empty desk space with an internet connection is available. ABC Virtual Offices’ packages are designed to cater to the requirements of each customer. Additionally, ABC Virtual Offices’ services can handle a business person’s busiest day.

    Regardless of their individual office needs, many find that the interactions with other people are the biggest benefit of co-working arrangements. Access to other entrepreneurs can help facilitate the exchange of ideas, foster networking and lead to benefits beyond just a place for an entrepreneur to sit at a desk.

  • Virtual Office Packages and Services

    Virtual offices are not a new innovation, but many new businesses are not familiar with how these offices work or the advantages that they bring to a small business. Traditionally, a new business would lease office space, hire office staff, acquire equipment, select furniture and sign long-term contracts. Virtual offices offer all of the benefits of these purchases without the need to commit large amounts of money up front. Virtual offices do this by offering a shared work environment, split between many small businesses, all of which rent space and equipment at affordable rates.

    Virtual offices offer the option of renting a single office space in a larger office building, such as a single cubicle, or renting a workstation only when it is needed. ABC Virtual Offices also provides spacious conference rooms for rent when a small business needs a professional location to hold a large meeting.

    ABC Virtual Offices offers several packages to meet the needs of different types of clients. Our packages start as low as $75 per month. This package, the Mail Package, provides a small business with a professional, Beverly Hills address in the 90210 ZIP code, a private mailbox, mail handling, mail forwarding and the option to rent conference rooms as needed.

    Our next level of service, the Basic Package, combines the services above with a dedicated phone number and voicemail account. The Basic Package is only $125 per month. For $20 more, the Standard Package will provide a business with a live operator who answers calls during business hours using the name of the business. Finally, our highest level of service, the Transfer Package, combines all these services with the ability to transfer phone calls to any number in the world for only $165 per month. The Transfer Package is the perfect option for traveling entrepreneurs who can’t afford to miss critical calls from their customers, even if they are on the road.

    In addition to our convenient packages, we also offer a la carte pricing and several additional services to help a small business succeed for not very much money.