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  • Video Conferencing

    Now you don’t have to be in a conference room with your business associates in order to have a meeting. Video conferencing allows you to discuss any matter through the help of advanced technology, which includes a high definition communication system. This innovative system makes you feel as though you are having a discussion face to face with your peers even though you are miles apart. Video conferencing will save you gas, time, stress, and all the other factors that come along with trying to arrange a meeting at a location that is convenient for you and all your associates. 

    Along with being able to see and hear your colleagues from different locations, you can show multimedia clips, graphics and designs to help attach a visual aid to your business presentations. This high tech communications system includes a high definition camera with high pixel resolution, a high fidelity conference phone with embedded 4-way continuous presence and 6-way voice-activated switching high definition multipoint capabilities to connect multiple participants. Hear and understand participants in super wide-band up to 16 kHz audio with superior room coverage over existing systems. A high resolution dual monitor display with dual stream support will make you appear lifesize, making the experience appear as live as possible.

    Just imagine, with a click of a button you can set up a business meeting with multiple participants without bothering with location, traffic, parking, and all the other burdens of trekking across town. Video conferencing is a more efficient and time productive manner of conducting your meetings and is now available as one of the many benefits of having a virtual office. Step out of the norm and step into the future with the innovative amenity known as video conferencing.

  • Virtual Offices are a Wave of the Future

    Are you looking for an office but do not have the money to pay for one? You could have your very own office at the fraction of the price you would normally spend and be on your way to a bigger and more successful career. A virtual office is your ticket to expanding your business without shrinking your wallet. It is an innovative way of conducting business with your own personal secretary and upscale location at the convenience of your own home.

    Having your clients call you on your cell phone is not very professional. However, having your clients call your secretary and having her transfer your call to your cell phone is. Not only will your calls be transferred, but any voicemails or messages left outside of normal business hours will be given as well. This is how it is done if you were to have an office of your own, but with virtual offices you can have the same impression on your client without the exorbitant price of a regular office.

    If you need any mail or packages delivered, virtual offices can supply you with an upscale address, such as Beverly Hills, to have them delivered to. They will be kept and safeguarded until you or someone you have designated comes to pick them up. You can be rest assured that all packages and mail will be waiting upon your arrival.

    Having business meetings or conferences are also part of having an office, right? Well virtual offices can satisfy both necessities as well. Conference rooms are available to rent out for any time slot needed so that you may meet with your clients whenever you need to.

    As you can see, virtual offices are innovative, convenient, and rewarding. They can satisfy all the amenities and benefits of a regular office at a fraction of the price and that is why they are a wave of the future.

  • Benefits of a Virtual Office

    There are so many benefits to having a virtual office that at this day and age, anyone who is thinking about going into business should have one. A virtual office is much cheaper than a regular office, but is equally advantageous.

    The most significant benefit you can receive from a virtual office is having your own personal secretary. A personal secretary can help you monitor your calls. He or she can transfer your calls to your cell phone, or even block the calls that you do not want to take. Also, your messages left outside of normal business hours will be collected and delivered the next day to ensure you do not miss any important calls.

    Another great benefit to having a virtual office is having an address in an upscale neighborhood, such as Beverly Hills, to have your mail and packages to be delivered to. They will be kept and safeguarded for you until you or someone you have designated comes to pick them up. Having an address in an upscale neighborhood such as Beverly Hills gives some class and prestige to your business.

    Lastly, if you need to have a personal meeting with your client, you can rent out a conference room at the location of your virtual office. You will not have to pay an expensive monthly fee for an office that you might not even use everyday, but instead you can just rent an office for the time you need it and for any business meetings you may have.

    So if you are considering buying an office to expand your business, consider a virtual office. It has all the benefits of a regular office at a fraction of the price and can help launch your career just fast.

  • What is a Virtual Office?

    Virtual offices give you all the luxury and benefits of having an office in an upscale location without having to pay a ridiculously large amount of rent month after month. Just imagine telling your clients that you have an office in Beverly Hills with your own personal secretary. What kind of response would you expect? Respect, excitement, eagerness, or even a desire to work with you in hopes of being as successful as you? Now, instead of imagining, you can experience these reactions first hand with the help of virtual offices.

    Virtual offices can provide you with such services as your own personal secretary to not only screen your incoming calls, but transfer your phone calls to your own personal line as if it was your business line. You will also be notified of any voicemails left outside business hours so you will be sure not to miss any important messages. Virtual offices can also serve as a location to have your mail or any packages delivered to and have them supervised until you or someone you designated comes to pick them up. Also, if an actual business meeting is required, a conference room can be rented out to talk to your clients or business associates face to face. Practically all the benefits you receive from having your own office and more can be met with virtual offices.

    Virtual offices can be found online at the convenience of your own home. Such sites include, which as of now is the pioneer of the virtual office idea and design and actually located in the heart of Beverly Hills. If you are looking to expand your business, but do not have the money to set up your own office just yet, try a virtual office. It is just as good of an investment as the real thing and will help launch your career to the next level.