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  • Growing Your Business

    With our virtual OFFICE services, YOU CAN grow your business not your overhead

    A growing business demands more resources in terms of space, equipment, a prestigious business address, employees and other facilities. You can keep growing your business without increasing your overhead by having a virtual office at one of the most glamorous and well-known cities in the world. Yes, we’re talking about having an office in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles.

    Having a prestigious business office address is not a pompous fancy; it really makes a big difference. Running a business operation from Beverly Hills can be a costly affair, and if you can show your clients and customers that you have a Beverly Hills office, it makes a big impact and making a sale or landing up a contact becomes much easier. You have won half of your corporate battle by simply putting a Beverly Hills address and phone number on your website and stationery.

    A Virtual Office is ideal

      • For holding business meetings and conferences without a need to lease or rent expensive office space.
      • For those who need a prestigious office identity right now, but do not have the required budget for a physical office in a place like Beverly Hills.
      • For new startup companies who need all the initial push they can get, but do not have the required capital to have a prestigious business address.
      • For people running home businesses at remote locations looking for offices in big cities.
      • For business people who mostly travel.
      • For organizations aspiring to establish an identity with multiple offices scattered over various cosmopolitan cities of the world or who need a quick branch office.

    When you partner with ABC Virtual Offices, your clients and customers will be able to call your Beverly Hills office where either our staff can answer your calls in your company’s name, they can be directed to your private voicemail box, or the calls will be forwarded to your actual location. In a similar manner, your faxes and postal mails can be forwarded to you. Our virtual offices services render you an enviable business image without overwhelming overhead.

    In case you want to conduct business meetings and conferences at your Beverly Hills business office, we provide all the facilities a contemporary office needs.

    Take your business to a higher level and join the big league; have a virtual office at Beverly Hills within a couple of days and you’ll be amazed by the effect it has on your business!

  • The Future of Business

    Virtual offices are the future of doing business

    Are you contemplating a lean office with significantly enhanced operational efficiency? Do you intend to instill a sense of prestige into your business personality? You can work from anywhere, from your basement to your yacht, with a virtual office in Beverly Hills!

    Hiring a virtual office makes perfect sense in the era of globalization and amazing technology. Having a virtual office means you don’t have to outlay capital for expensive rents or leases, but can still enjoy the benefits of having a business presence in one of the most prestigious addresses on the planet. A virtual office provided by Apollo Business Centers gives you that address. You can conduct your business from wherever you choose and know that all your private correspondence and telephone calls will be received just as if your business was located in Beverly Hills.

    The future of your business depends a lot on your ability to focus on your core strengths. And it also depends upon the impression you leave on your present and prospective clients. Having an office in Beverly Hills and having a Beverly Hills phone number can do wonders to your corporate image. By merely mentioning, “Please call me at my Beverly Hills office” you can prove to your client that you are running such a successful organization that you can afford an office at Beverly Hills.

    By partnering with ABC Virtual Offices you can not only have a Beverly Hills address, phone, and fax numbers, you can even rent our tasteful board room for business meetings. Our offices are equipped with state-of-the-art video conferencing, telecommunications, and presentation facilities.

    So whether you are a startup or a business with international operational branches, you can have one of the most prestigious businesses addresses without a significant capital outlay.