Premium Services for Your Small Business

ABC Virtual Offices in Beverly Hills offers small businesses the same services that big businesses use to succeed, but at a fraction of the cost compared to what the typical business pays in Los Angeles. ABC Virtual Offices has solutions for businesses with limited budgets which want to present a professional image to their customers.

ABC Virtual Offices has professional services available to help any business. The most basic service is the mail handling service that gives a small business a prestigious physical address in the 90210 ZIP code of Beverly Hills. Having a real physical address, rather than an impersonal post office box or an unprofessional home address, helps convey a positive image to potential customers.

It can be necessary for a small business to need a conference room or other meeting space to present to clients, interview staff or many other reasons. For many businesses, though, these occasions are relatively rare and so having office space dedicated for these functions can be a costly luxury. Virtual offices offer meeting space and conference rooms at an hourly rate, so that the small business does not have to pay for space when it doesn’t need it.

Another feature ABC Virtual Offices offers to help small businesses appear larger is telephone service including a live receptionist to answer incoming calls. Clients will perceive the business as more legitimate if the phone is answered by a professional receptionist announcing the name of the business, rather than calling a cell phone or home number directly. Also, the live receptionist will be able to take messages and forward on calls, as appropriate.

Small businesses often struggle with appearing legitimate in the eyes of their customers. Virtual offices can help alleviate those concerns at very reasonable rates.