Eliminate the Need for Expensive Staff

Small businesses can begin to suffer when the entrepreneur who started the business has to spend most of the day sorting through mail, answering the phone and doing other administrative tasks. In some instances the business isn’t large enough to support administrative staff, which it needs to help it grow.

Apollo Business Centers Virtual Offices can provide that administrative staff to help small businesses grow at affordable price. Offering packages with administrative staff starting at only $145 per month, ABC Virtual Offices in Beverly Hills, provides a virtual receptionist to answer incoming telephone calls with the name of your business, take messages and forward calls to you. All incoming mail can be handled, processed and forwarded to an appropriate location without the business owner having to sort through an overwhelming amount of bulk mail and other correspondence.

In addition to administrative tasks, ABC Virtual Offices provides access to physical conference rooms and meeting space when the business needs it. Rather than commit to a large lease for space the business will only occasionally use, ABC Virtual Offices allows for hourly rentals. ABC Virtual Offices also makes sure that the space and equipment are maintained and cleaned, eliminating another distracting headache for the business owner.

Good administrative help is expensive in Los Angeles. While most small businesses can’t afford to hire their own staff, ABC Virtual Offices has solutions that can fit every budget while also providing the help that the business needs to grow. Located in the prestigious Beverly Hills ZIP code of 90210, we can help accomplish the administrative tasks that too often distract business owners from actually running their business.